FilmFear 2020: Scream Now, Think Later

In case it’s escaped your notice we’re living through troubled and tumultuous times, with a pandemic, protests, political upheaval and social unrest seemingly ever-present. However, even though what we’re experiencing may feel unprecedented, the horror genre has already seen it, done it and no doubt re-imagined it as either a city-devouring monster or an undead infestation. And somehow, these extreme representations of our worst fears and most unimaginable realities have the power to make us feel better – or at least distract us from the terror outside for 90 minutes.

So this year, Film4 and HOME – creators and curators of FilmFear – mix metaphor and mega-gore with a line-up of modern horror classics exploring politics, society, history and the many ways that the world we live in can scare us. (But without zombies – zombies are just too easy.)

Created and curated in partnership with Film4.

In this season

FilmFear 2020 programme announcement: scream now, think later

FilmFear, HOME’s annual celebration of big-screen scares, returns for Halloween with a provocative programme that mixes thrills and chills with plenty to think about.

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“You don’t belong here, lady” – Candyman and the White Saviour

To celebrate this year's thrilling FilmFear season, we asked one of HOME's biggest horror fans to delve into the layered allegorical meanings behind this unforgettable…

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Previously in this season

Death Line

A murder on the London Underground alerts authorities to the possibility of some sort of creature living in the long dark tunnels. Mind the doors!

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The Host

Parasite director Bong’s aquatic creature-feature is up to something similar – like his Oscar-winner it’s got plenty to say about Korean society while also providing…

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The Stuff

There’s a tasty, fun new dessert on the shelves called The Stuff, but the truth behind what it is and what it does to you…

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Jennifer’s Body

Forced into a black-magic ritual by members of a rock band, popular high-school student Jennifer is transformed into a succubus preying on young men.

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Saying his name 5 times is enough to invoke the all-too-physical spirit, with his appearance bringing both an unsettling reminder of the past & a…

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Invasion of the Body Snatchers

The fear of losing one’s identity is always with us, making Jack Finney’s source story eternally relevant and re-tellable. However, it’s never been told as…

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The People Under the Stairs

After his family is evicted, streetwise teen Fool breaks in to the foreboding home of the landlords responsible. Fool discovers a nightmare that gets more…

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Double Bill/ El asfalto and La residencia

A young woman is sent to a gothic boarding school, where she finds a headmistress intent on keeping everyone in line with firm, physical discipline.

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Chicho: Spain’s Horror Maestro

Narciso Ibáñez Serrador passed away in 2019, ¡Viva! & Film Fear have linked with the Instituto Cervantes to bring to HOME a celebration of one…

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Who Can Kill a Child?

An English couple on holiday in Spain find more than they bargained for when they visit a beautiful island that seems to have no adults…

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Who Can Kill a Child? + Introduction

Introduction cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances; we apologise for the disappointment. The screening will go ahead as planned.

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