Federico Fellini and Nino Rota

Following the NFT’s full retrospective, Cornerhouse has assembled a season of films by this flamboyant and expressive maestro of Italian cinema. And what would a Fellini film be without the distinctive music of Nino Rota, a genius of film soundtracks who enhanced the visions of many an acclaimed filmmaker and has inspired may a musician?

Previously in this season

Plein Soleil

A sultry, shirtless Alain Delon is The Talented Mr Ripley...

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I Vitelloni

Fellini's poignant observation of a group of petit bourgeois, stay-at-home young men in a provincial town.

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Il Bidone

A Black and white Fellini about an aging bunch of swindlers.

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Nights of Cabiria

Fellini takes his muse, Masina, and allows her to shine as the positive prostitute.

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Classic Fellini. A film director struggles to make a film

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