A Revolution Betrayed?

This Autumn, we embark on a major new season of theatre, visual art and film, inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

From a short-lived surge of post-revolutionary optimism came tremendous intentions to change the world, an explosion of new aesthetics and a passion for artistic experimentation. This season delves into the history, memory and powerful legacy of Revolution, from bright new artistic futures, to disillusionment and political disturbance, to the thriving contemporary cultural scene that exists in the country today.

Previously in this Festival

Tsar to Lenin

First released in 1937, Tsar to Lenin ranks among the twentieth century’s greatest film documentaries.

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New Babylon

New Babylon is a love story set amongst the events of the Paris Commune of 1871.

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A peasant dreams of becoming Czar, eating his fill and spending his time doing nothing. With its bizarre satirical slapstick, Medvedkin’s film offers an unforgettable…

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October (Ten Days that Shook the World)

One of the most famous productions by one of the Soviet Union’s most important filmmakers, October was commissioned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the…

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The Return of Memory: Curator Exhibition Tour

Curators Sarah Perks (HOME Director of Visual Art), with Olya Borissova and Anya Harrison of The New Social, will lead a curator tour of this…

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The Return of Memory: Curator and Artist Exhibition Tour

Curators Sarah Perks, HOME Director of Visual Art, with Olya Borissova and Anya Harrison of The New Social, will lead a curator tour of this…

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The End of St. Petersburg

The End of St. Petersburg offers a boots level narrative about a naïve youth who is forced to seek work in the city. 

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Engels Tour By Night or How To Grow A World Ideology Nocturnally

An evening tour by Jonathan Schofield taking in the landmarks and sites associated with Friedrich Engels who lived for almost 22 years in Manchester.

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Other Russias by Victoria Lomasko: Book Launch + Q&A

What does it mean to live in Russia today? What is it like to grow up in a forgotten city, to be a migrant worker…

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Manchester School of Theatre presents

The Suicide

Marking the Centenary of the year of the Russian Revolution, Manchester School of Theatre present Nikolai Erdman’s The Suicide, considered one of the finest plays…

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The Return of Memory

This major group exhibition seeks to redress the legacy of the Russian Revolution on its centenary by exploring how artists are responding to the state…

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A Revolution Betrayed? Film Season

As part of the A Revolution Betrayed? season, we present a weekend of films from the early days of the Soviet Union when artists and…

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Pen:Chant Protest & Revolution

For this protest & revolution Pen:Chant special, we’ll be presenting a special line-up of acts whose art is not a mirror, but a hammer -…

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HOME presents

Uncle Vanya

Taking Russia's past as inspiration in this historic year, Walter Meierjohann's production explores the deeply tragic and deeply comic spirit of Chekhov's late masterpiece with…

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SUBKULTURA by Artemy Troitsky: book launch + Q&A

Arranged chronologically from the early 19th century through to the present day – from Alexander Pushkin to Pussy Riot, from the Decembrists to gopniks and…

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A cultural phenomenon, Chapayev is both an intense story of sacrifice and a clear example of Soviet propaganda.

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