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Uncle Vanya

“Life on the whole is dull, dumb, dirty… Sucks you down, this life. Surrounded by kranks. Everywhere, kranks. You live with them two or three years and before you know it you’ve become a krank yourself. This is fate.” (Astrov. Act I)

An ageing irritable professor returns to his deceased wife’s country estate with his beautiful young wife, Yelena. The estate has been managed for years by the Professor’s daughter, Sonya, and his brother-in-law Uncle Vanya. It is their self-sacrifice and toil which has maintained his extravagant lifestyle in the city. When the politically impassioned local Doctor Astrov is called to the house and meets Yelena, tensions spiral rapidly into a desperate comedy about unrequited love.

Chekhov’s characters exist on the brink of a new era; a new order is approaching. One they fear. Written 20 years before the Russian Revolution, what does this much loved play tell us about the world we live in today?

Taking Russia’s past as inspiration in this historic year Walter Meierjohann’s production, starring HOME’s Associate artist Katie West as Sonya, explores the acutely tragic and deeply comic spirit or Chekhov’s late masterpiece with a bold visual design and live music.

Information for Schools and Colleges:

Recommended for GCSE, AS and A2 and equivalent levels Drama and Theatre Studies.

As part of this production HOME are delighted to offer A level students and first year drama undergraduates the opportunity to have Assistant Director Emily Louizou deliver a workshop at their institute. Students will delve into the further into the world of Chekhov by unpacking the text and learn some of the process of creating a contemporary version of a classical play.  Students will also get to experience a sample of rehearsal exercises and techniques the actors used to bring Uncle Vanya to life.

Workshops are  recommended for AS, A2 and undergraduate levels Drama and Theatre Studies and are restricted to venues based in Greater Manchester. Workshops are £100 per half day/ £200 per full day.

please email schools@homemcr.org for further information.