All Service/Assistance Animals and Emotional Support Animals* are welcome in all our spaces at HOME, including the cinemas, theatres, gallery and restaurant, providing they comply with the guidelines below.   

We please ask if you are bringing a support animal to a theatre production or film screening to contact the Box Office in advance so we know to expect you. To do this please call 0161 200 15oo or email

From 1 April 2023, we will also be allowing visitors to bring dogs into the ground floor café bar. This will initially be on a trial basis, and all owners will be expected to comply with the guidelines below.

Guidelines for bringing animals onsite to HOME: 

  • Animals must be kept on a lead at all times 
  • Animals are not allowed to sit on the furniture 
  • Owners are solely responsible for all clean up in and outside the building 
  • Owners will not bring into the building any dog/animal that has not been fully house trained 
  • Owners will immediately clean up any accidents or messes using appropriate clean-up and disinfectant measures, and must keep a supply of bags for the disposal of dog waste 
  • Owners will not bring into the building an animal that is ill or behaving abnormally, and will remove the animal from the premises if it becomes ill while at HOME 
  • Owners will not bring any animals into the building that have previously bitten or have been/are being aggressive, destructive or excessively vocal 
  • It is the owners responsibility to check the HOME website for specific event content such as flashing lights and loud noises.
  • HOME accepts no liability for any injury or damage caused by animals brought on site 

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in the owners being asked to remove their animals from the premises.  

* Emotional support animals (ESAs) are pets that are required for a person’s ongoing mental health treatment or for their hidden disability by a licensed therapist, psychologist, doctor (GP) or any licensed medical professional.

More information can be found on our access pages