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Naomi Sumner Chan presents

Wait I’m From Wuhan

Jasmine is from Wuhan, originally… Abandoned as a baby in Hankou train station, she was adopted to a White British family and grew up in England. For Jasmine, Wuhan was just a word on a piece of paper until now. Suddenly, since the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone is talking about the place where she was born and she’s no longer able to ignore her past and those she left behind.

Wait I’m From Wuhan is the story of a Chinese adoptee struggling to decide whether or not to search for her birth family told via a series of Instagram and blog posts. Bombarded with images of masked faces and the deserted streets of Wuhan, Jasmine’s head fills with questions about her Chinese family. Is it too late for her to find them?

The story begins on Wednesday 1st July when audiences will be able to see Jasmine’s first posts on her blog and Instagram page. A new blog post will be added every Wednesday for the following three weeks. Jasmine will stay in regular contact with her followers on Instagram posting every day throughout the month of July.


Instagram @waitimfromwuhan


Wait I’m From Wuhan is free to access via the weblink and Instagram page but if you would like to support the work of artist Naomi Sumner Chan and to help Chinese Arts Now to continue to support more artists through this very tough time then please do consider contributing some money via the link above – the project has a suggested donation price of £5.

Homemakers Project Overview

Homemakers is a series of new commissions, where we invite our favourite artists and artistic partners to combine to create work at home, for an audience who are also at home.

We’re not pretending that all art can be experienced online just as satisfactorily as in person; but we want to demonstrate the innovation of artists who work all kinds of forms, by inviting them to respond to this very specific context. We want to bring contemporary new performance to audiences all over the world, in all its form-flexing, mind-expanding, surprising subversive brilliance.

About Naomi Sumner Chan

Naomi is a Manchester based playwright and dramaturg fuelled by salt and vinegar crisps and cups of tea. Her work has been performed at theatres across the North of England and in London including York Theatre Royal, CAST, Oldham Coliseum, Arcola Theatre and Theatre 503. Her play

Same Same Different was commissioned by Eclipse Theatre and toured to venues across the North of England in 2019.

She leads new writing company Brush Stroke Order and is currently the facilitator for Yellow Earth Academy North’s Writers Group. Wait I’m from Wuhan is her first digital project.

@naomisumner on Twitter

About Chinese Arts Now

Chinese Arts Now (CAN) is the first National Portfolio Organisation awarded by Arts Council England to produce and present contemporary performing arts work that explores Chinese themes, stories and art forms. ‘Wait I’m from Wuhan’ is one of six digital commissions that CAN is supporting this year. The work will also be part of CAN Festival 2021, which is an annual festival that brings a diverse range of contemporary performing and digital arts to the public.

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