Homemakers: Be Moved

Explore personal stories through film, theatre, soundscapes and poetry in this collection of work created in lockdown by local artists and theatre makers.

All work is on a pay-what-you-can basis delivered straight to your inbox.

Previously in this Festival

Karen Cogan presents

Turkey Sausage Roll

Frank, punchy, moving

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Naomi Sumner Chan presents

Wait I’m From Wuhan

Wait I’m From Wuhan is the story of a Chinese adoptee struggling to decide whether or not to search for her birth family

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Hot Coals Theatre presents

My Darling Christopher

Theatrical, history, heart-warming

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Hester Ullyart presents

I am all the Rooms of the House

Love, poetic, movement

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Leaphia Darko/The London Rep presents

The Very Error Of The Moon

Solitude, Shakespeare, inequality

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Isaiah Hull presents

Carbon Fingertip

Poetic, personal, connection

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David Ellington presents


David Ellington brings to life his poignant and political BSL poem, Liberty, in a new short film

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Hester Chillingworth presents

Them’s the Rules

Video calls can feel so void of life. But in this landscape of distance and isolation, they also feel vital.

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