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There is this lake.
And in the lake, there’s a woman.
She’s swimming.
She finds the pain is less, to remember him in the water.

Liz took Sam & Josie swimming.
She said they’d feel amazing
It was cold.
It was really cold.

SWIM is a brand new show from theatre makers Liz Richardson (GuttedMothers Who Make), Josie Dale-Jones (Me & My Bee & dressedand Sam Ward (Five Encounters on Site Called Craigslist and [insert slogan here]).

With live music, videography and playful, intimate storytelling, SWIM is about isolation, being held and just jumping in.

★★★★ “A sensitive portrait of overwhelming grief, but also of love and friendship’s ability to hold a person up in the deepest waters… The live music interludes create gorgeous moments of suspended emotion.” – The List

“Tender, whimsical… Delicately presented.” – Independent

“Episodic and affecting.” – The Stage

★★★★ “An elegantly gliding vessel of theatrical documentary-making… A very personal and intimate foray into the driving factors behind someone else’s passion… A hobby that most people would probably shy away from gets put across as an irresistibly alluring prospect that has to be tried and experienced.” – The Greater Manchester Reviewer

“Takes a moving and tender look at the grieving process… The day after I saw this show I too lost someone very dear to me. I’m still floundering in and out of the water but I won’t drown. Shows like SWIM are so important, we never know when we might need to revisit them and find solace.” – Live Art Alive

SWIM is supported by Cruse Bereavement Trust
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