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In 2016, Volvo launched its ‘Human Made’ advertising campaign.

New adverts focused on individual human lives. School children. Explorers. Factory workers.

Global sales increased by 20%.

This is an attempt to do the same.

A show about objects. The objects we use. The stories we tell about them. A story about one person, everyone and nobody at all.

With live music and video artistry, [insert slogan here] is a fevered excavation of adverts, objects, memory and longing.

“An interesting hour or so of performance.” – Reviewer Number 9

“A simple concept creating a thought-provoking atmosphere in the theatre.” – The Northern Quota

“The whole show is crafted so excellently that we find ourselves drawn into every piece of dialogue, whether rehearsed, improvised or absurd, it all moulds together to form a moving piece of theatre that really makes you think.” – Sincerely Amy

“It’s quite a ride… Possesses an elusive quality, ideas comes into focus and then dissolve, and yet it is deeply affecting.” – Circles & Stalls

“Entertaining and thoughtfully constructed… A moving and bittersweet experience.” – The Guardian on Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist

★★★★★ “Visionary, purposive and unpretentious.” Three Weeks on Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist

★★★★★ ”Refreshingly honest, painfully truthful and wonderfully personal.” 730 Review on Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist

Want to know more about YESYESNONO?

YESYESNONO is artist Sam Ward and producer Rhian Davies. They makes work that explores what democratic artistic encounters might look like. The work invites the audience to consider their own situation as a spectator, and invites performers to use their own identities as artistic material.

  • Running time 1 hour (no interval)
  • This show contains flashing lights, scenes of a sexual nature and loud music
  • £5 all tickets