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Sam’s reading into magpies; he thinks he sees the future.

A roadtrip to a wedding. A Volvo XC60 with Sensus Navigation pre-installed. A field full of laughter. A red room with a woman in a green felt dress standing with her back to the window.

And a man dancing and dancing in a bright orange light.

A show about objects. The objects we use and the stories we tell about them. A story about one person and everyone and nobody at all.

Award-winning company YESYESNONO debut their second show at PUSH 2018. With live music and video artistry, [insert slogan here] is a dense, dark excavation of adverts, objects, memory and identity.

YESYESNONO makes work concerned with discovering what democratic artistic endeavours can look like. You can also catch their hit show 5 Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist as part of PUSH 2018.

“A simple concept creating a thought-provoking atmosphere in the theatre.” – The Northern Quota

“the whole show is crafted so excellently that we find ourselves drawn into every piece of dialogue, whether rehearsed, improvised or absurd, it all moulds together to form a moving piece of theatre that really makes you think.” – Sincerely Amy

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