Quarantine, in co-production with Contact and HOME, supported by SICK! Festival presents


Performed at Old Granada Studios

An extraordinary quartet of work about our relationship with time, Quarantine’s hugely ambitious project is a piece of mass portraiture, spanning the human lifecycle and made with ‘real people’ in place of actors. In Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring., each work can stand alone, distinct in form, or be seen as an epic, day-long, marathon event…

Summer. is a large-scale theatre piece, performed by 30 to 50 local people of all ages. The piece focuses on this moment in time – using project instructions, unrehearsed interviews, and live writing to make an event that directly engages with the present situation of its performers, asking them to respond spontaneously to direction and questions they haven’t encountered before. Summer. is about being alive, right now.

Quarantine, our Associate Company, is a unique voice in British theatre – internationally acclaimed for experiments with everyday life.

Supported by SICK! Festival, The Unity Theatre Trust, Arts Council England, The Wellcome Trust and The Granada Foundation.

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£14 – £5 Individual shows:

£25 – £15 Full quartet:

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring.