Quarantine, in co-production with Contact and HOME, supported by SICK! Festival presents

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring.

Performed at Old Granada Studios


An extraordinary quartet of work about our relationship with time, Quarantine’s hugely ambitious project is a piece of mass portraiture, spanning the human lifecycle and made with ‘real people’ in place of actors. In Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring., each work can stand alone, distinct in form, or be seen as an epic, day-long, marathon event…

HOME’s allocation of the quartet tickets have sold out but you can still purchase them from our partners, Contact, here.

“The achievement should not be underestimated. Artistically the company has broken new ground moving into film as well as further developing their already substantial achievements in theatre. Besides the concept is so audacious – to follow a successful event with a trio of sequels rather than just one is so cheeky that it adds to the sense that the audience has taken part in something special.” – Manchester Theatre Awards

★★★★★ “Quarantine has created something genuinely special with this show. Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. is a high watermark in the history of a remarkable theatre company.” – The Skinny

★★★★ “There is in this a governing spirit of tenderness and generosity that lifts the event above the workaday… The recurrent theme which emerges from these four seasons in one day is that time is precious.” – The Guardian

“Highly original, with a lot more to it than may at first seem the case, this is a fun, sociable way to pack four seasons into seven hours.” – Manchester Salon

“What the piece did best was to create a quiet space for reflection, and for an encounter with our neighbours, our community, who we may never otherwise meet. A vital reminder that we’re not all so very different, or so very separate after all.” – The Stage

“This is a production where you have to find the story, which will always be a reflection of your own story. In a work of such complexity, including so many people, it ends up as an intensely personal experience.” – Quiet Man Dave

Quarantine, our Associate Company, is a unique voice in British theatre – internationally acclaimed for experiments with everyday life.

Supported by SICK! Festival, The Unity Theatre Trust, Arts Council England, The Wellcome Trust and The Granada Foundation.

  • Advertised start times are subject to change

Tickets for individual shows
£14 – £5

£25 – £15 (full quartet)