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Matty Gurney presents

Dr Voxoff’s Sign Language School for Hearing Children

Longtime Ad Infinitum collaborator Matthew Gurney brings us a dark, acerbic and witty dystopian vision of a world in which the roles are reversed – where hearing people are a minority. Playing all the characters and experimenting with the theatrical in film, Matthew’s work draws on the Silent Movie genre and probes at a disturbing history that’s much closer to home than many realise.

Born and bred in Oxford, Matty joined Ad Infinitum’s Light as Cyrus Dearden in the early 2010s. He has been collaborating with the Ad Infinitum team ever since! Matty won Best Actor award at Deaffest 2017 for his role in Small World (Deaf Sitcom) as Mitch The Plumber; he is an actor and director, known for Love’s Labour’s Lost: Performed at The Globe in Deafinitely Theatre’s British Sign Language production (2012), he wrote and directed his debut film, Me and My Wacky Doctor: On Our First Appointment! (2010) and performs in Switch (2001) The Fingerspellers (2010), Deaf Beat (2011) and has been working in TV / Theatre for several years since the early 2000s.