Christmas Eve in Havana. A knife fight over a few pesos leads to a young man’s death, as a worn-out sister waits for her brother to come home for a Christmas dinner that he will never eat. The darkness over the city shrouds a cocktail of illicit passions, unspoken pain and a dog-eat-dog struggle for survival, whose consequences force its participants to confront and question every aspect of their day-to-day lives in contemporary Cuba.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to see a stripped back ensemble performance, in our pop up studio space newly created on the stage of Theatre 1.

“The genius of HOME and their Theatre Director Walter Meierjohann is that they have recognized a genuine gap in the theatrical ecology of Manchester (even the UK) in celebrating theatre from around the world and bringing it to the city. […] the production fizzes with a compelling energy.”
Manchester Theatre Awards

“Amazing really because each and every one of the actors gave an outstanding performance that was portrayed in a way which made it seem like months of rehearsal had taken place. The play is so thought provoking that I would have been disappointed if there was too much emphasis on the production. It is not needed. The ability of the actors and the emotion with which the words were delivered is enough.”
North West End


  • Running time is 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • This is a scratch performance
  • The translation of Chamaco by William Gregory was originally commissioned by the Royal Court Theatre’s International Department.


Want to watch Weathered too? See both for £11 (tickets must be purchased together)