David Hoyle presents

A Grand Auction of my Life

Directed by Mark Whitelaw and Produced by Jayne Compton

Please note, this webpage refers to the live event that has been affected by the Coronavirus lockdown. To find out about our livestream of this World Premiere, please click here

Tonight we offer you a chance to bid on my most treasured artefacts,
A song
a painting
a kitchen item
a jacket potato
a sculpture
a tribute act
a deeply buried feeling
a family member
a recurring dream
some fog
three moments of clarity

Let’s put a price on it and see what it’s worth

Turning a worthless existence into a consumerist paradise

Tonight we will creatively reinterpret the past and open the way for a new movement as my art, leftovers and memorabilia fetch record prices in the auction room of HOME.


On sale dates
– Friends and Corporate Partners: Mon 14 Sep, 12pm
– Members, NHS & Emergency Services: Wed 16 Sep, 12pm
– General Sale: Fri 18 Sep, 12pm