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David Hoyle presents

Livestream: A Grand Auction of my Life

This is an online stream of a live performance taking place on the HOME stage.

Tonight we offer you a chance to bid on my most treasured possessions:

A bespoke spirit portrait painted live

Jam Jar of dust 

An original piece of costume jewellery 

Lipstick stained coffee cup or champagne flute

Highgrove calendar

Rat Blocking Sculpture 

Hand peeled potato

Capodimonte style wall decorations

1 : 2 : 1 with David

Will Young To be a Gay Man

Dog massage oil 

Buying things leads to success and happiness.

Let the capitalist wheels spin.

Created in collaboration with Mark Whitelaw and Jayne Compton.
Graphics and Video by Lee Baxter
Produced by Switchflicker Productions. Supported by Arts Council England.