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Want your short film screened at HOME?

Filmed Up is our regular North West filmmakers night. The screenings happen every quarter and the films are selected from an open submission of short films under 20 minutes in duration, of any genre, old or new made by filmmakers based in the North West.

This event is a great opportunity to showcase your filmmaking skills to a captive audience, meet other filmmakers, and also see if your film wins the audience award, which is voted for on the night.

Plus, all selected filmmakers get a share of the box office takings which, depending on the number of films shown, might buy you a pint or two!

So if you’re a filmmaker based in the North West and think your film fits the bill, we’d love to see your work.

All you need to do is check the eligibility criteria and fill in our Filmed Up Online Submission Form.

Eligibility criteria at a glance:

  • Made by filmmakers currently living in the North West
  • Under 20 minutes
  • Of any genre
  • Of any year

And a few practical things to remember:

You need to have cleared copyright of all external material you have used in your film (soundtrack, including credit music, video extracts etc.). We cannot screen films which have unauthorised use of material. When emailing us your submission form,  please also confirm that you have cleared the copyright of all material used in your film in the main body of the email.

The web link you send us will be what we use for the screening. The quality needs to be good enough: preferably HD, 1080p (1920 x 1080) or 720p (1280 x 720);  but SD 576i (720 x 576) will do if you are happy with that.

If you have made a lot of films please send us one submission per screening, we try to make each screening varied so it is unlikely we would programme several films from the same director in one screening.

Please make sure audio is authored to -3db, no higher

By “filmmaker currently living in the North West” we mean either the director, writer or producer is based in the region or the VAST majority of the cast & crew is based in the North West.

All films screened on the night will be selected by a panel of HOME audience members.

Have any questions? Have a look at our FAQ page.

Next deadline: 24 Oct 2018 , (for the Dec 2018 screening). Why wait? Send in your films now!