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We’re looking forward to watching your film. If you have made a lot of films please send us one submission per screening, we try to make each screening varied so it is unlikely we would programme several films from the same director in one screening.

Filmed Up Submission Form

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  • If one of this box is unchecked then your film is not eligible
  • The North West region of England includes Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Merseyside.
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  • The material you send us at submission time is the version that will be used for the screening. Make sure the version you send us is of high enough quality
  • Input the film lenght in minutes and seconds. We accept films under 20 mins duration (including credits)
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    If you have this information at hand, it saves us time if your film is selected. If you don't, no worries we will ask you about it later.
  • In case cultural venues are not allowed to open due to Covid. We envisage it would be online for a limited period of time only and geoblocked to the UK.
  • Is there any content that may trigger, disturb or upset potentital viewers if they have gone through a specific traumatic event. Or anything physical like flashing light?
  • Please upload high resolution film stills that can be used for promotional material. If possible, one of them should be landscape. PLEASE NOTE: once images are uploaded, a big red cross thumbnail may appear. It doesn't mean there is a problem, it is just the default image
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