Want to feature in a short film?

“These are the fragments of our love”

HOME and artist Najia Bagi are looking for participants to take part in a short film about loss of self through love.

Since May 2015 Najia has been asking the audiences at her music performances for their true love stories. She has collected these stories as part of her project What Would Billie Do?

Alongside this, on Valentines Day this year, Najia held a Heartbreak Amnesty asking people to bring along unwanted items from past relationships.

Najia is now looking for participants to be filmed playing with a lego heart which was donated at the Heartbreak Amnesty. Come and play with our heart. Rebuild yourself.

Interested in taking part?

Contact Najia directly on baginajia@gmail.com to express your interest before 17:00 on Wed 11 May. And follow @najia_bagi on Twitter.