What Would Billie Do?

A project exploring loss of self through love.

Since May 2015, Najia Bagi has been asking the audiences at her music performances for their true love stories. In Spring 2016, she will return to HOME to collect more love stories, to perform and to interfere with the space. The collection of stories and objects she gathers during What Would Billie Do? along with the exploration of her own losses through love, will be presented in a final exhibition as part of HOME’s birthday celebrations.

What to expect:

Feb – May 2016:
How We Feel Is Who We Are
Let Billie Holiday’s music soothe your emotions. Look out for music players around the building.

Sun 14 Feb 12:00 – 16:00
Heartbreak Amnesty
What do you own that you want to leave behind? Bring along your unwanted items from past relationships. No object too big or small. Objects donated will form part of the final exhibition.