UK Premiere/ Llegaron de noche

Directed by Imanol Uribe

From Imanol Uribe, a Spanish director known for his political films, comes a powerful depiction of the murder of six Jesuit priests in El Salvador in 1989. This event had immediate international repercussions, because among those murdered was a prestigious intellectual, Ignacio Ellacuría, working on a peace agreement to end a decade of bloody civil war.

The government blames the guerrillas, but an eyewitness debunks the official version. Lucía, a cleaner at the UCA University in San Salvador, has seen the real killers: the army. Whisked out of the country for her own protection, Lucía undergoes extended interrogation by the FBI, in cahoots with the Salvadoran government, and ultimately will have to choose between proclaiming the truth or protecting her family.

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107 minutes

Translated title:
What Lucia Saw

English and Spanish

Partial English

Country of origin:
Colombia and Spain

Year of production: