Tracey Moffatt Shorts Programme

Moffatt is one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists and a filmmaker who uses the medium to interrogate the various divisions – whether of race, gender or history – that inform contemporary national identity. With a distinctive visual style and a compelling sense of narrative, she creates a unique world, at once unsettling and poetic. Nice Colored Girls (1987, 16 mins) An exploration of the history of the exploitative relationship between white men and Aboriginal women. Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy (1990, 19mins) A middle-aged Aboriginal woman nurses her dying white mother in this dazzling interrogation of maternity and assimilation. Heaven (1997, 28 mins) ‘A playful video that glories in the female gaze and the objectification of men.’ The New York Times Artist (1999, 10 mins) A breathless joyride through Hollywood’s depiction of the artist, in collaboration with Gary Hillberg. Lip (1999, 10 mins) Collaborating with Gary Hillberg, Moffatt assembles an insightful and entertaining collage of clips investigating Hollywood’s favourite role for black women – the maid. Screening courtesy of Women Make Movies, New York. Please note that this programme shows via video projection. A selection of Tracey Moffatt’s photography work is exhibited in Spectator Sport, please see the exhibition section.

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