Relaxed (Autism Friendly)/ Coppelia

Directed by Mamoru Hosoda

An innovative family film, Coppelia combines animation and live action dance in a modern retelling of the love story between Swan and Franz, jeopardised by Dr. Coppelius and his uncannily beautiful protégée Coppelia.

This unconventional, dialogue-free adaptation blends musical influences from classical to electronic, and sees Dr. Coppelius reimagined as a cosmetic surgeon, whose lure of superficial beauty poisons the town. Swan must uncover the truth about the popular newcomer who puts her community in danger. While the townspeople must learn that in an increasingly image-conscious culture, it’s never been more important to be yourself.

Relaxed Events are designed for people with autism spectrum conditions and their families so they can enjoy the arts together in a stress-free environment. These events are also suitable for people with sensory conditions, dementia or learning difficulties.

Relaxed Screenings take place every month in our cinemas and include:

  • Cinema lights on low
  • Film volume turned down a little
  • No trailers or advertisements before the film starts
  • You can move in and out of the cinema
  • A separate chill out space is provided if you need some time out of the screening

92 minutes

Country of origin:
Belgium, Germany and Netherlands

Year of production:

This screening has no adverts or trailers and starts at the advertised time