Relaxed Events

Relaxed events at HOME are for anyone who would welcome watching a film or seeing a theatre performance in a more relaxed environment. They have been designed to be friendlier to people with autism spectrum conditions and their families, however they may also be suitable for people with sensory disorders or learning difficulties. We aim to make the events as inclusive as possible so they are open to all, even if you don’t need the adjustments we make for relaxed performances and screenings.

Relaxed Performances – In the theatre, we make some subtle changes to the performance, toning down any loud noises and lighting effects and leaving the house lights on low. You can move in and out of the theatre during the performance and we will provide a chill out space in a separate area of the building. There will be a relaxed attitude to noise and movement within the performance.

Relaxed Screenings – We hold relaxed screenings of family friendly films every month in our cinemas. For these we’ll keep the cinema lights on low and turn the volume down a little. There will be no trailers or advertisements before the film starts and you are welcome to move around the cinema if you want to. You are free to bring your own food and drinks into the cinema.

If you have any questions regarding these events, please email access@homemcr.org

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