Preview: El Abrazo de la serpiente

Directed by Ciro Guerra

The third film from acclaimed Colombian director Ciro Guerra, who visited ¡Viva! in 2006 with La Sombra del caminante, has just become the first ever Colombian film to be nominated for an Oscar. Shot in black-and-white, the film is a visually stunning journey into the heart of the Amazon. Karamakate, a powerful shaman and last survivor of his people, dwells deep in the jungle, in voluntary isolation. Decades of solitude have left him empty, devoid of memories and emotion, until his hollow life is shaken by the arrival of a botanist in search of a powerful sacred plant, capable of teaching how to dream.

125 minutes

Translated title:
The Embrace of the Serpent

Catalan, German, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish

Full English

Country of origin:
Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela

Year of production: