La Sombra Del Caminante

Directed by Ciro Guerra

This feature début demonstrates real promise for young Colombian director Guerra, with its accomplished use of parable and its bold black and white imagery. Mañe (Badillo) has lost a leg and is constantly being attacked – by kids and peers alike. One day he is rescued after a mugging by a strange, spindly creature with goggles who carries people on his back through the centre of Bogota for 500 pesos – a “silletero/chair man”. And so the two become friends, but it soon emerges that they share a past – one that both unites and separates them. With its nod to David Lynch and classic silents, LA SOMBRA DEL CAMINANTE was Colombia’s submission for the Foreign Language Oscar.

We hope to welcome director Ciro Guerra for Q&A.

94 minutes


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