No Man’s Land

Directed by Danis Tanovic

The winner of this year’s Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and the recipient of the 2001 Cannes Festival Screenwriting award, NO MAN’S LAND is a dark satire about the Balkan conflict that grimly illustrates the absurdity of war. Tanovic documented the war for Bosnian archives, and his firsthand experience is evident in every frame. A Bosnian, Chiki, and a Serb, Nino, are stranded in a no man’s land between the two forces. Fallen Bosnian Cera shares the trench with them, and the live landmine upon which he lies. Chiki and Nino negotiate with each other, eventually resorting to calling in the UN peacekeepers to mediate their safe passage. But the UN’s mandate is limited and the media is baying for blood…

98 minutes

Country of origin:
Belgium and Bosnia

Year of production: