Local Call

Directed by Arthur Joffé

Since Felix Mandel’s father died two years ago, his Jewish consciousness has faded into the background. With a busy career as an astrophysicist and a hectic domestic life, Felix just doesn’t have the time to be Jewish as well. But then his father starts ringing reverse charge from the ‘beyond’ directly to Felix’s mobile, and with this peculiar turn of events his son begins to wonder if he is losing his mind.This is a highly entertaining modern tale of family relationships accompanied by a unique klezmer-jazz fusion and brilliant performance from international star Sergio Castellitto (DON’T MOVE, MOSTLY MARTHA). Award wining director Arthur Joffé (ALBERTO EXPRESS, HAREM) credits Isaac Bashevis Singer as his primary screenwriting influence in this whimsical examination of filial devotion.

This film is preceded by the short THE TENTH MAN (dir. Sam Leifer, 12A, GB 2006, 11 mins.) 

102 minutes


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