UK Jewish Film Festival on Tour 2007

Once again Cornerhouse is pleased to welcome back the UK Jewish Film Festival, following its successful sojourn in London in November. A range of features and documentaries portray Jewish lives across the globe, entertaining, raising issues, and offering a place to meet.

Season pass:see all 7 films for £25.90 full / £18.90 concs.

Previously in this Festival

Local Call

Since Felix Mandel’s father died two years ago, his Jewish consciousness has faded into the background. With a busy career as an astrophysicist and a…

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Just Married

Autumn 2003 – a wedding hall in the north of Israel. Two hundred guests, dancing, music and a bride in a white dress. Kifah Massarwi,…

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Tomorrow We Move

As in the best French comedies, social barriers do not exist and strangers become best friends within a few moments. Charlotte is an author who…

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