UK Premiere/ El Robo del siglo

Directed by Ariel Winograd

The outrageously entertaining true story of a 2006 bank robbery, one of the most famous and complex heists in Argentina’s history. A group of petty criminals – conmen, chancers and schemers – unite to pull off a daring plan, which is as fascinating and funny to watch as the surprising aftermath of events. The ensemble cast is led by Diego Peretti (Almost Legends, 2017) as an eccentric pothead and man-with-a-plan, and Guillermo Francella (Animal, 2018; The Clan, 2015) as the money man who was supposed to be going straight. They may be just a bunch of thieves, but as tension builds, you’ll be hard-pressed not to root for them, and eager to know just who gets away with what in the end.

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HOME Friends – Sat 24 Jul
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General Sale – Tue 27 Jul

134 minutes

Translated title:
The Heist of the Century


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