The Clan

Directed by Pablo Trapero

The disappeared — los desaparecidos — are words that carry special resonance in Argentina. Long associated with the crimes of the military junta of the 1970s, the term takes on a different, but no less chilling, meaning in the hands of filmmaker Pablo Trapero.

Based on a true story that rocked Argentina, The Clan tells the almost unbelievable tale of the Clan Puccio, a seemingly normal middle-class family who kidnapped wealthy people off the street, held the victims for ransom, and, once paid, killed them.

Directed by acclaimed auteur Pablo Trepero (Crane World, Carancho), The Clan is a disturbing, impressive, and beautifully controlled film from a director whose work matures with each new project.

110 minutes

Translated title:
The Clan


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Country of origin:
Argentina and Spain

Year of production: