A Suitable Girl

Directed by Sarita Khurana & Smriti Mundhra

Khurana and Mundhra’s film follows three young women over four years in India struggling to maintain their identities and follow their dreams amid intense pressure to get married.

The directors present their position not through narration or sound bites, but through revealing close-ups of each of their three subjects. In these images, the sorrowful eyes of both the brides and their mothers speak volumes about the ways in which, for so many Indian women, their futures are often ones of meek servitude.

The film is a stark look at the country’s ongoing clash between contemporary life and tradition when it comes to female independence (or lack thereof). Stirring in its examination of ingrained sociocultural sexism, and the toll it takes on entire families, the film examines the women’s extremely complex relationship with marriage, family and Indian societal pressures.

93 minutes

English and Hindi

Partial English

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