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In Her View: Women Documentary Filmmakers

As part of Celebrating Women in Global Cinema, this season will explore women documentary filmmakers. Still overlooked in contemporary cinema, women have been making documentaries on a vast range of topics since the early days of cinema.

The history of nonfiction cinema is dominated by male names, from Robert Flaherty and Dziga Vertov through to well-known names in contemporary documentary filmmaking. Aside from a handful, the dominant narrative of documentary film rarely includes the many women working in this field. Yet there were women documentary filmmakers from the very earliest days of the form, making important films that deserve to be included in the wider history of cinema. From the silent era women have produced forward-thinking, significant work. Here, we present work by those who broke through such as Shirley Clarke to Barbara Kopple through to contemporary female directors from Mexico, India and the UK. This season will focus on such filmmakers and present their work in a new light.

Curated by Dr Kirsty Fairclough, University of Salford.