Project #1:Sphere:dreamz

Project #1:Sphere:dreamz was set up to give South Asian Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered women a voice. Their work at Cornerhouse will reflect on the invisibility of the South Asian LBT community in Manchester’s urban spaces.

The work is part of the larger project Mixing it Up. Sphere:Dreamz was originally commissioned by Queer up North 2006

Mixing It Up is series of aesthetic projects by Manchester-based artists and collectives that challenge the perceived “identities” of some of the city of Manchester’s most well known and trafficked urban spaces: the Curry Mile, named for its many South Asian restaurants and shops; Canal Street, the epicenter of the Gay Village; and the area that connects the two, the Oxford Road Cultural Corridor, the latter named for the concentration of cultural institutions along the eponymously named road.