Daniel Fogarty: IDENTS

Idents features an entirely new series of works from artist Daniel Fogerty that respond to the interior design and furnishings found in Manchester’s ageing cinemas – fittingly relocated to Cornerhouse. After visiting multiplexes across the city to compile images of the foyer carpets, these patterned, abstracted images are exhibited as posters across the walls of our Cafébar.

From these prints a set of clay sculptures have been created, mirroring design styles found in the carpets and transforming them to 3D. Finally a short film of the sculptures shot from 360° will be screened in our cinemas, sited as traditional idents shown before feature films. Fogarty is based in Manchester and graduated in BA Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 2009. He recently published Jura Grey, as part of a our Micro-Commission programme.

Daniel Fogarty is represented by Bureau