Cornerhouse Projects / Ian McKay

In the mid 19th century the introduction of railways brought people from British industrial cities to seaside towns. Now our airports take them away. Emptiness, isolation, seclusion and space can all be used to describe the feeling of standing on a British beach.

Ian McKay’s on-going mission to visit British seaside towns has produced a wealth of observational documentation. His work explores themes of isolation at a time when seaside resorts face stiff competition from overseas package holidays. Using paint and print, McKay’s unique colour studies present the familiar language of the seaside town with a calm, melancholic undertone.

Join us for the informal launch of Ian McKay’s new exhibition in the bar, from 18:00 –19:00 on Thur 15 May. All work is for sale, please speak to Box Office staff for information.

Cornerhouse Projects is supported by Outstanding Brewery.

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