Cornerhouse Projects: How to Build a Body Without Organs

What’s in a body? We might say organs and bones, but French philosopher Deleuze rejects this answer. His theory Body Without Organs suggests that the body isn’t merely about the parts that make it work, but the fulfillment of potential to create something whole. In this selection of works curated by University of Edinburgh PhD candidate Alessandro Bucci – whose research spans art history, philosophy and fashion – artists have reflected upon the process of clothing the body, emphasising the role of dress in creating the whole ‘self’, or building a ‘body without organs’. The featured photographs and drawings from artists Hernan Chavar, Marco Rea, Fernanda Veron, Nicol Vizioli and Paulina Wallenberg-Olsson offer a visual anthology of the subjective relationship between fashion and who we are.

Join us in the bar for the informal launch of How to Build a Body Without Organs from 18:00 – 19:00 on Thursday 16 October.