Clair Graubner/ From The Ground Up

Graduating from the Manchester School of Art in 2011, Clair Graubner has exhibited in Manchester, Bolton, Shropshire, London and Zurich.

Her work is informed by her own nomadic history. Having lived abroad and throughout the UK, some pieces reflect the urban architecture within her immediate environment; others, the autobiographical narratives within a landscape or scene.

The use of colour in Clair’s work is especially important in the more formalist architectural pieces and concrete brutalist structures, playing with the depicted space and moving the viewer around the canvas. Colour is also used to give the viewer a sense of nostalgia, reinforcing the undercurrent of the work’s autobiographical context.

Join us for an informal launch in the Cornerhouse bar on Thu 18 April, where there will be a chance to meet the artist and toast the new exhibition.

More information on the artist can be found here.