Anne Charnock and Chris Clarke

Anne Charnock and Chris Clarke are both artists who work with text. All the work selected for the show reveals the artists’ methods of production, but whereas Charnock ends her process by writing text, Clarke begins by lifting text from diverse sources.

Charnock uses text to give solidity to her own meandering thoughts and uncertainties about her art practice. The final piece is a number of intertwining sentences produced by following a simple set of rules derived from the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word. In her process she seems to leap from the triviality of a troubling thought to a precisely rendered and paradoxically confident piece of text art.

Clarke uses essays and novels as his starting point. Referring to their inherent conceptual or historical authority, he generates new meanings by, for example, splicing together selected passages or by copyrighting a combination of major writings about originality and authorship.

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