Create your own piece of art inspired by the practice and themes in Alicja Mrozowska’s exhibition Unpacking. Using flattened packing boxes as a canvas, Alicja’s work explores what it means to go ‘home’ when living away from your place of origin. Visiting ‘home’ can bring unvoiced emotional complexities about family, belonging and identity to the surface.

In the exhibition, each piece attempts to unpack a specific year of the artist’s life; reminiscing and representing the significant people, places, relationships and emotions at that point in time. In this practical creative workshop join artists Alicja Mrozowska to dig into these themes and create your very own piece of art.

No preparation is needed but it would be great if you brought a a memory/photograph/object important to you and your feelings of home to get ideas flowing.

No experience needed, material will be provided; feel free to bring your own favourite pencils, paint or any other material.


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  • £7 full / £6 conc