The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2023/ Experience Japan Through Cinema

The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme, the UK’s ever evolving and largest festival of Japanese cinema, celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023! With an exciting line up of films – mostly new releases, but also featuring a masterpiece from the distant past – the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2023 explores the theme of “the evolution of Japanese cinema.”

The programme considers: Where has Japanese cinema come from? What is its current position in the world of cinema? And where is it heading next? Come and see some of Japan’s finest cinematic works, with films showcasing varied styles, as well as the skills of both experienced and emerging film talents.

The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme is organised by the Japan Foundation with Major Support from The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation and sponsors SUQQU, Athletia and Clearspring.

Previously in this season

Angry Son

Growing without knowing his own father, Jungo feels marginalised and cannot form a solid relationship with his boyfriend. When his mother unexpectedly announces her imminent…

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A junior high school girl has a fatal accident after running away from a shop manager who caught her shoplifting. Her enraged father starts hunting…

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Goodbye Cruel World

A one-time robbery job pulled off by a group of five strangers ends in success. The gang attempt to return to their own lives with…

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The Million Ryo Pot

A pot, once belonging to a powerful clan lord and containing a secret treasure map, is sold to a junk dealer and then sold again…

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Ito, a talented shamisen player, is so shy that she she struggles to find human connection in her social life. To change this, she decides…

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Under the Open Sky

After serving thirteen years for murder, Mikami is released from prison and tries to re-adapt to society. Intrigued by his life, a TV crew follows…

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