Homemakers: Take a Breath

Take five minutes away from the everyday and allow our Homemakers to take you on a journey.

The below work is curated to whisk you away from your thoughts and provide a brief escape from the outside world.

Engage with poems from the brightest new spoken word artists, request bespoke work to help with human connections and healing or just press play for a mindful moment.

All work is on a pay-what-you-can basis delivered straight to your inbox.

Previously in this in this collection

METIS presents

Love Letters to a Liveable Future: The Postcards

What do you dream of, out there on the other side of crisis?

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Music Theatre Wales and London Sinfonietta presents


Reflective, poetic, soundscape

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Jo Bannon presents

Absent Tense

Intimate, solitude, reflection

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Tom Kane presents


Magical, poetic, dreamy

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Hester Ullyart presents

I am all the Rooms of the House

Love, poetic, movement

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Hafsah Aneela Bashir presents

Poetry Health Service

Interactive, poetry, healing

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Naomi Sampson presents

They keep telling me that my house is on fire

Political, reflection, thought-provoking

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Toreh O’Garro presents

Memories of a Moss Sidian

Imaginative, escape, poetic

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Saf Elsenoss presents

Chasing On A Dream

Escape, reflection, poem

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Hannah Jane Walker presents

You Know It Knows

A podcast asking how do we live under threat, and stay well?

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Isaiah Hull presents

Carbon Fingertip

Poetic, personal, connection

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