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You Know It Knows

Podcast, thoughtful, wellbeing

Covid19 placed us all into a state of suspended threat and hyper vigilance.
Which whether or not we realised it, had an effect on all body and mind systems.
This piece asks, how do we live under threat, and stay well.

A sound piece to listen to at home, on your own or with others.

By Hannah Jane Walker
Sound and audio composer – Hana Walker-Brown

Poet and Podcaster Ross Sutherland https://www.imaginaryadvice.com/
Dr Phillipa Wheble – Professional Breathwork Practitioner UK https://www.transformationalbreath.co.uk/community/dr-philippa-wheble/
Dr Sara Booth – Associate Lecturer and Honourary Consultant at Breathlessness Intervention Service Addenbrokes Hospital – Founder Director

Development conversations with:
Lou Platt – Artist wellbeing practitioner
John Baker, Karen Reilly, Sal Pittman, Mark Howe – The Neutrinos www.neutrinos.co.uk  Klanghaus http://www.klanghausinfo.co.uk/
Rosalind Coleman – Producer for Klanghaus and Punchdrunk
Chris Thorpe – Theatre maker

‘Breathe’ Music & Lyrics Mark Howe, Karen Reilly, Jon Baker, Jeron Gundersen © 2017 Wetnurse Records, Published by Sentric Music


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Homemakers Project Overview

Homemakers is a series of new commissions, where we invite our favourite artists and artistic partners to combine to create work at home, for an audience who are also at home.

We’re not pretending that all art can be experienced online just as satisfactorily as in person; but we want to demonstrate the innovation of artists who work all kinds of forms, by inviting them to respond to this very specific context. We want to bring contemporary new performance to audiences all over the world, in all its form-flexing, mind-expanding, surprising subversive brilliance.

About Hannah Jane Walker

Hannah is a writer, theatre maker and creative learning producer from Essex.
She studied literature at the University of East Anglia and a poetry MA at Newcastle University. Her first poetry collection is due out as part of the Nine Arches Primers series 2020. Currently working on a Tedx talk, a show with Rachel Mariner about the graft of friendship and a book about sensitivity. She performs as a compere, speaker and performance poet around the world. Most recently she has made a BBC Radio 4 documentary about sensitivity, which became a show Highly Sensitive. Outdoor public art poetry commissions for Mill Road Cambridge and Artichoke Lumiere Festival 2019. With Chris Thorpe she has made This is just to say, The Oh Fuck Moment, I Wish I Was Lonely. Most recently she has begun making sound theatre pieces. Hannah is an Associate Artist at Cambridge Junction and the National Centre for Writing.

About Cambridge Junction

Cambridge Junction is the arts centre in Cambridge where art meets life. At Cambridge Junction, audiences and artists experience and explore contemporary performance, popular culture, creative learning, and the rich territories in-between. They are committed to art and entertainment that is up-and-coming, youthful and cutting-edge.  They seek to be relevant and meaningful to the lives of audiences, and informed by their location in Cambridge.

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