Queer Media Festival 2017

After last year’s sell-out event, Queer Media Festival returns for the festival’s fourth year celebrating the amazing range of LGBT+ stories in all forms of media.

Hear from inspiring live speakers who are creating LGBT+ stories using the new digital platforms of virtual reality, online storytelling, interactive games or mobile filmmaking. Discover who mixes digital with traditional media like theatre making, journalism, playwriting, TV, radio and film, in their storytelling.

Enjoy a creative mix of engaging panel discussions, performances, workshops and films aiming to refresh the way that LGBT+ narratives are told and explore the queer rainbow of diverse stories. Find out more by visiting the festival’s website, following them on Twitter and Instagram, and liking their Facebook page.

In this festival

Jamie Starboisky Talks Queer Media Festival 2017

Festival creator Jamie Starboisky discusses the inspirations behind his popular #LGBTQ celebration Queer Media Festival and what audiences can expect from this year's event.

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Queer Media Festival presents Queering Animation

Celebrating the medium of animation in telling queer narratives. Expect an amazing array of LGBTQ animated short films created from live action, hand drawn illustrations,…

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Previously in this Festival

Queer Media Festival presents Hilda vs Deirdre: Queer Corrie Spectacular

An interactive experience to celebrate the camp heritage of Coronation Street through four archive episodes of the soap opera featuring the iconic characters of Hilda…

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Queer Media Festival 4

Discover innovative storytellers creating LGBTQ stories using the new digital platforms of virtual reality, gaming and mobile filmmaking. Learn who mixes digital with traditional media…

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