Oi Samba!

After years of absence from world screens, and despite difficult economic conditions, Latin American cinema is currently enjoying a renaissance. This touring season offers an opportunity to experience some of the best of the vibrant Brazilian Cinema. A bfi touring programme, programmed by Catharine Des Forges.

Previously in this season

Madame Sata

Brazilian film inspired by the life of João Francisco dos Santos also known as Madame Sata, a sometimes chef, transvestite, lover, father, hero and convict…

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A young man is sent to a mental asylum by his father after he finds a joint in his backpack. Part of Oi Samba! Brazilian…

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Little Prince’s Rap Against the Wicked Souls

Part of Oi Samba! New Rythm of Brazilian Cinema SeaSON

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Through the Window

A retired nurse does not know what to do when her young son starts behaving in a weird way. Part of Oi Samba! Brazilian Season.

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News From a Personal War

Documentary about the real "City of God". Part of OI Samba! Brazilian Season

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The lives of five Brazilian maids and their various trials and tribulations.Part of the Oi Samba! Brazilian Season.

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