Manchester Open Exhibition 2022: Performance Evening

As part of the Manchester Open Exhibition 2022, we will be presenting an evening of live performance curated from the open call in Theatre 2.

Scroll down for the list of artists and performances.

Matrafisc Dance – October 

Based on a true “October” story it is a subtle line between time and experience, a silent dialogue, an unexpected encounter, a crush difficult to overcome, a sweet but inevitable mistake, a faraway journey full of friendship, a name on everyone’s list.

October is a work in progress which had its premiere in March 2020 at the TMC Waterside theatre in Manchester, having a remarkable success.

Dancers: Andrés Martínez & Paula de la Puente
Choreography: Ina Colizza & Anthony Apicella 

Matrafisc Dance perform October

Maggie Stick – Hardcore Cracovianka  

Hardcore Cracovianka is a DJ performance with a film screening about identity, immigration, and feminism. The performance is based on the Maggie’s own experiences, and it’s about rejecting old beliefs and traditions to find personal truth to cooperate in life.  

Performer Hardcore Cracovianka

Sens Sagna – Drums Alive! 

This evening invites you to experience the energy of drums and dance from the West Africa. An exciting display of roots heritage and culture, where drums and dance fuse together to inspire joy and unity.  Sens Sagna the artistic director of this vibrant performance group, will weave a story of sound and rhythm to uplift your spirits. This fusion of drum beats and colour will leave you with a rolling feeling of energy, unity and inspiration.

Cookie Love – FEVER COAT 

FEVER COAT is a Spoken Word piece about Cookie’s realisations as a black person living in Britain, the relationship they share with their mother and their lived experience. The poem is tied together with the metaphor of a Fever Coat; when kittens are born with white fur which eventually fades to black as they age.  

About the artist 

Cookie is a multifunctional artist based in Hulme, Manchester. Their creative outlets include spoken word, face and body painting, art and design work, muralism, events planning, and being a vocalist in a punk band. 

Black and White image of artist Cookie Love performing


1 hour and 45 minutes

Tickets will be on sale from Wed 16 Feb, 12.00.

Tickets are pay-what-you-can £12.50/£7.50/£5

Content Warning: The performance Fever Coat will contain references to race-related issues and drug use.