I’m Too Happy

Selected by artist Rachel Maclean and curator Bren O’Callaghan, our season of films expands upon themes within the artist’s rainbow-dipped yet always unsettling works that address childhood, happiness and innocence as a context, state or quality ripe for commodification and exploitation.

Combining fairytale with horror, animation with CGI, Disney princesses with alcoholic excess, we offer a deep, cinematic draft from a well in which the water may taste of strawberries, but blisters soon bubble upon the lips.

Previously in this season

The Innocents

One of the great British Gothic chillers, based on The Turn of the Screw.

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The Saddest Music in the World

Guy Maddin's new film starring Isabella Rossellini. Part of the Guy Maddin season

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Feed Me Intro

The screening on Sat 29 October will be introduced by artist and director Rachel Maclean.

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Feed Me

Feed Me is a parable of the pleasures and perils of indulgence, a waspish skit on a world where greed is good.

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Escape From Tomorrow

Made by smuggling cameras into Disneyland, this disturbing satire is guerrilla filmmaking at its best.

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The Company of Wolves

A teenage heroine begins to discover her sexuality and its dark, unsettling power.

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