Horizons Festival 2021

This year’s festival embraces the national Refugee Week theme ‘We Cannot Walk Alone’, taken from Martin Luther King’s iconic I have a Dream speech; the speech that called for all people of all backgrounds to join together in the fight for freedom, a rallying call which resonates across time and space.

Presented by HOME in partnership with Community Arts North West, the festival celebrates the enduring power of creativity and the incredible international artists who have made Manchester their home, with a provocative and stimulating programme of film, theatre, music, performance, and discussion, presented live and online.

Among the many highlights of this year’s festival will be a day of music and spoken work on the Manchester Stage at Homeground, HOME’s temporary outdoor venue, featuring performances from Luma Trio, North West Turkish Community Association Dance Group, Afrocats Youth Showcase, Gazelleband, Bayan Ensemble and Gemima Band.

Horizon’s Festival is made possible by the support from the Leri Charitable Trust.


In this festival

Horizons Festival – Campaign and Take Action

Leaders and campaigners from 3 local refugee-led organisations and groups share stories of their work and ways YOU can get involved in supporting Greater Mcr-based…

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Horizons Festival – Afrocats We Cannot Walk Alone

Afrocats youth respond to the Horizons Festival theme of #We Cannot Walk Alone through creative movement and poetry created during lockdown

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Previously in this Festival

Horizons Festival on the Bruntwood Stage: Solidarity Social

A fabulous line up of international music and spoken word from some of Manchester’s newest artists and communities

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North West Turkish Community Association Dance Group

Online video presentation from North West Turkish Community Association Dance Group performing folk dances from different parts of Turkey

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A Hostile Environment: Online Workshop / Discussion

Join people with lived experience of the asylum system to explore the impact of Britain’s increasingly hostile immigration policy

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Lost Lands Film Festival Short Film Screening

Cinema screenings of Short Films by refugee filmmakers curated by Lost Lands Film Festival with filmmaker Q&A

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Kofia: A revolution through music + Q&A

The inside story of Europe's first Palestinian band, told in short film through music, memories and revolutionary encounters. With intro and Q&A with Director Louis Brehony

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Home in a Foreign Land + Q&A

This documentary exposes the factors of expulsion that force people to leave their countries, the increasingly violent and repressive control mechanisms that are imposed to…

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We Cannot Walk Alone

Presented as part of Horizons Festival 2021, this exhibition responds to the festival theme; We Cannot Walk Alone, taken from Martin Luther King’s iconic I…

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