Homemakers Live

Join us on Sat 20 June as we celebrate Homemakers with a series of special live events.

Take part in art workshops, watch a durational Zoom performance or join Complicite for a one-off live event. This is work created by those at home for people watching at home.

Click on the events below to jump in.

All work is on a pay what you can basis and goes towards the artists and the HOME Response Fund.

Previously in this Festival

Afrocentricity in Focus: Dance Workshops

Christian Asare and Aria Scere-Jacobs will help teach you new choreography in various genres including Vogue

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James Monaghan presents

Let’s Spend The Night Together

On the shortest night of the year a group of young people gather for a live event from sunset to sunrise

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Complicité presents

everything that rises must dance

A live virtual gathering of women in a performance that celebrates female movement and relationships

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Chanje Kunda and Lloyd Nyikadzino presents

Global Pandemic, Global Artists

Join Chanje Kunda and Lloyd Nyikadzino for a live discussion online with aspiring artists from Manchester, London, Zimbabwe, and other African countries

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