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Afrocentricity in Focus: Dance Workshops

Christian Asare presents

A Black Gold Arts Homemakers commission


“As Black British Artists, and in light of the Black Lives Matter Movement and our efforts in campaigning for racial equality, we feel that it’s important to hold space for the things that matter to us through our respective artforms. Whilst the protests are of profound significance to us, we feel we can contribute to the community in an uplifting way and support the message of solidarity, by hosting a class that speaks to the human spirit – through a focus on the vibrancy of what makes Us US.

For those of us in need of an alternative way of protesting, understandably weary of attending protests due to COVID19 social distancing. For those of us feeling overwhelmed and distraught, in need of a moments grace, and a period of respite. For those of us less mobile or frustratingly unable to protest in a way that feels right… We hope that through sharing our Art in these Online workshops we can bring some Healing, Respite and Joy to our community, and a Common Understanding about the Things that Matter, in these most tumultuous of times. As such we will be donating a percentage of our sales from these workshops to the support of the Black Lives Matter Movement in Solidarity.” – Christian Asare

Sat 6 June – 3pm
An introduction to Old Way with Aria Scere Jacobs (Beginners Class)

Sun 7 June – 3pm
Fusion Choreography [Jazz, Contemporary and Vogue] with Christian Asare (Beginners/Intermediate)

Sat 20 June – 3pm
Vogue Femme Basics with Christian Asare

Sun 21 June – 3pm
Choreography with Aria Scere Jacobs

An introduction to the unique choreographic styles of two gifted Manchester choreographers, Christian Asare and Aria Scere-Jacobs, where you can learn about various genres of Dance including Vogue (Old and New Way), Contemporary dance and urban fusion through movement and choreography.

Workshops will be delivered via zoom and participants will need to wear suitable clothing and have some space to move around in to take part from their own home. Each workshop will last approximately 60mins.

About Christian Asare

Christian Asare is a black British Multidisciplinary Artist of Ghanaian heritage based in Manchester; A trained choreographer and contemporary dancer with a specialisation in afro-contemporary dance, he is also an independent fine artist, painting in oils with a focus on uplifting afrocentric imagery, afro-futurism, portraiture and abstraction.
@xtianasare on Instagram

About Aria Scere-Jacobs

Passionate about collaborative performance, physical theatre and the creation of new unique space within Dance as an Artform, Manchester based choreographer Aria Scere-Jacobs graduated from Northern school of Contemporary dance in 2012 and has been teaching and choreographing on various platforms since. Most recently she performed a commissioned work at Turn On Festival 2020 and was a part of the House of Noir Festival In House Commission with the Manchester International Festival.

These Dance workshops form part of Christian Asare’s Homemakers commission ‘Afrocentricity in Focus: Dancing with heART’; A multi-disciplinary exploration of the roots and culture within Dance and Art practice.

Alongside these Dance workshops Christian will also be running two Art workshops, so audiences can learn more about art, from the perspective of an artist, in their chosen medium of oil paint.


Tickets are available as ‘Pay What You Can’ – the suggested price for these workshops is £5 – but there are a range of ticket prices so you can choose what you can afford from the options, including £0 as we want as many people as possible to access our Homemakers commissions.

We’ve also included a higher option for anyone who wants to take the opportunity to make a larger donation to our artists and organisations. How much you choose to pay is completely up to you, and every audience member will receive exactly the same content and experience.

All the money raised from ticket sales for this event will be split evenly with 50% going directly to the artists and 50% to Black Gold Arts response fund to allow them to continue to support future artists and commissions.

Homemakers Project Overview

Homemakers is a series of new commissions, where we invite our favourite artists and artistic partners to combine to create work at home, for an audience who are also at home.

We’re not pretending that all art can be experienced online just as satisfactorily as in person; but we want to demonstrate the innovation of artists who work all kinds of forms, by inviting them to respond to this very specific context. We want to bring contemporary new performance to audiences all over the world, in all its form-flexing, mind-expanding, surprising subversive brilliance.


We are ensuring that all the Homemakers commissions are accessible as possible for everyone so if you need to access this project in a different format please email access@homemcr.org

About Black Gold Arts

Black Gold Arts is a Manchester-based arts organisation working predominantly with working-class people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. They aim to get often overlooked voices, stories and hidden histories seen and heard. They do this through film, dance, song, visual art, theatre or any other artist’s medium aiming to excite, educate and entertain, with lots of sass and sprinkles of fun.