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From Caligari to Hitler: Weimar Cinema

To coincide with 1927’s production of Golem, we present a series of films made during the Weimar Republic, the centrepiece of which is a preview screening of Rudiger Suchsland’s exceptional documentary From Caligari to Hitler, a look at German cinema in the age of the masses.

The Weimar Republic (1918 – 33) was the free-est state on German soil, a wild era characterised by disruption, crisis and cultural brilliance. It was also the arguably most fertile period in the history of German cinema, a time full of wonder and invention in which the aesthetic foundations were laid for the ‘seventh art’. Weimar’s directors, including Murnau, Lang and Lubitsch (amongst others), remain legendary figures, and films such as Nosferatu, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, and Der Golem brilliantly reveal a post World War I Germany in a state of flux.

This season will include a One Hour Intro led by freelance film educator, Maggie Hoffgen.

Find out more about the season in this short intro from The University of Salford’s Andy Willis